Ron and Sandra Joseph:  The Phantom of the Opera PHANTOM OF THE OPERA

"The production now playing at the Pantages is a theatrical knock-out. So how does it differ from the others? It's the super-charged spin that carries a zapped-up undercurrent of extra high-voltage. Let's face it, Phantom of the Opera is an extremely erotic musical. With Baritone Ron Bohmer in the title role, the Phantom is not only a larger than life romantic figure, he becomes down right seductive. Bohmer's glorious tones caress Christine"s soul, his soft tenor sweetness purrs in her ear, his burning desire stabs her heart, his boyish vulnerability attracts her like a magnet. The chemistry between this "beauty and the beast" simply sizzles."
Shirle Gottlieb, Drama-Logue

"Bohmer's Phantom (offers) a rich and powerful voice, a commanding physicality."
Don Shirley, Los Angeles Times

"Ron Bohmer, a veteran of Webber musicals, is the third Phantom to play Chicago since the musical first came here in 1990. And he's a surprise. He has a big musical theatre voice, yet he's most effective at showing the pathetic, rather the than frightening, side of the character. He saves his best work for his grand finale.  Cornered in his underground lair and filled with rage and frustration over his unrequited love for Christine, he acts and sings with ringing authority, becoming both scary and tragic."
Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

Ron and Linda Balgord:  Sunset Boulevard SUNSET BLVD.

"Ron Bohmer as the wise-cracking, cynical Joe Gillis is stronger than his Broadway counterpart. He's equally tall and tan but has a harder, sexier edge. The chemistry between Bohmer's Joe and Linda Balgord's Norma is Electric. And nothing can match the cynicism of Bohmer's title-song-second-act-anthem to Hollywood's opportunism."
Sandra Brooks-Dillard, The Denver Post

"Mr. Bohmer deftly carries this huge show. He helps us suspend our disbelief and listens as beautifully as he interprets his songs, sounding like a snake oil salesman and a fallen angel by turn. The touring company of Sunset Boulevard is that rare thing: a road show that's better than the Broadway production."

"Ron Bohmer is a little too young for the role of Joe Gillis (played by William Holden in the Billy Wilder Film), the disenchanted screenwriter who stumbles into Norma Desmond's isolated world; but he's smart, clear and clever in his acting, and he's in excellent voice."
Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

Ron and Linda Balgord:  Aspects of Love ASPECTS OF LOVE

"You won't find a better set of actors anywhere, especially Bohmer as Alex and Balgord as Rose, both of whom have great voices and considerable presence."
H.J. Kirchhoff, The Toronto Globe and Mail

"As Rose and Alex, the young lovers around whom the memories of love play out into middle age, Linda Balgord and Ron Bohmer are a perfectly matched team of thoroughbreds, prancing under the silken reins (director) Robin Phillips holds securely in his hands. Both turn in powerful, moving performances, never once sacrificing the drama to the music, or vice versa. This is goosebump stuff."
John Coulburn, The Toronto Sun

"Ron Bohmer as Alex, is a handsome young leading man who has a big tenor voice and, more important, the ability to make even his character's most irrational moves seem the natural acts of an impulsive, tormented lover."
Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune