Ron as Harvey Fierstein:  Forbidden Broadway FORBIDDEN BROADWAY

"Refreshingly vicious! Bohmer delivers a hilariously raspy-voiced rendition of Harvey Fierstein's upcoming turn as Tevye; "If I Were a Straight Man." Hilarious, expert impressions!"
New York Post

"My 'Forbidden' love must include the cast! One of Ron Bohmer's best moments is as Alfred Molina, declaring, "A 'Fiddler' with no Jew. Sounds crazy, no?" Then, moments later, he does Tevye again as we see him played next by Harvey Fierstein. It zings right on target!"
Howard Kissel, New York Daily News

"The most gratifying and freshest 'Forbidden Broadway' in years. The New York theater's favorite practitioner of tough love has put on the brass knuckles for this round. Four protean performers (Mr. Bohmer acutely impersonates Jerry Orbach, Harvey Fierstein, Alfred Molina and others), colorfully assume the often-colorless styles of their subjects. Astutely anatomized, painfully precise satire!"
Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"The show's most consistently riotous moments come from Ron Bohmer, a veteran of several leading-man stints on Broadway who clearly knows whereof he spoofs."
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

Ron and Stephanie Kurtzuba: The Joys of Sex THE JOYS OF SEX

"Ron Bohmer has the looks and charisma of a top-flight leading man."
Adrienne Onofri,

Ron and Jennifer Simard:  Thing About Men THE THING ABOUT MEN

"Ron Bohmer is most appealing! He's a terrific actor."

"As the artist Sebastian, Bohmer is hot and charismatic."

"No one could better his performance."
John Simon, New York Magazine